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Before treatment of patients drug proviron 25mg to exclude malignancy of the prostate or other reasons leading to urinary retention. The efficacy of the therapy was assessed after 4-6 weeks of treatment with maintenance doses of the drug terazosin -Teva. Reducing the symptoms of BPH may already be on the second week of therapy, however, the onset of therapeutic effect may be delayed up to 6 weeks or more. After application of the maximum recommended dose should be discontinued if the uroflowmetry improvement in performance is slightly different from the baseline. Drug treatment should be stopped if there are side effects are more serious than the symptoms of  or the development of patient complications from urinary tract while taking the drug.Regardless of the indications for which , in order to avoid the development of “first-dose effect” initial dose of terazosin -Teva should not exceed 1 mg.
To reduce the risk of orthostatic hypotension ( “effect of the first dose”), the first drug dose  recommended to take in the evening before going to sleep, then the patient should be in bed for 6-8 hours. The risk of significant decrease in blood pressure is highest within 30-90 minutes after taking the drug, as well as increased in patients concomitantly receiving beta-blockers and diuretics, with a decrease in circulating blood volume, malosolevoy diet, as well as the resumption of treatment with  after a break (a few days).
The patient should be informed that at the first signs of orthostatic hypotension (dizziness, weakness), the patient should sit or lie down and remain in that position for as long as the state of health did not improve, as well as to increase the risk of pronounced reduction in blood pressure when consuming alcohol, prolonged standing or performing physical exercise and at high ambient temperatures.
use caution while use of the drug terazosin -Teva with thiazide diuretics or other antihypertensive agents; if necessary dose combination therapy reduces -Teva terazosin. Concomitant use of proviron 25mg inhibitors, including sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil and terazosin -Teva drug may lead to a marked reduction in blood pressure in some patients. In order to minimize the risk of orthostatic hypotension, before the use  is necessary to ensure that the blood pressure of the patient was stable against the background of treatment .
Selection of a maintenance dose of the drug proviron 25mg in elderly patients, especially in patients with BPH patients aged over 65 years, is recommended with caution under medical supervision, because of the high risk of orthostatic hypotension in this patient group.
in connection with the manifestation of the vasodilator effect of the drug -Teva terazosin should be used with caution in patients with coronary artery disease or other heart disease: swelling light with aortic or mitral stenosis, heart failure with an increase in minute ejection, right ventricular failure caused by pulmonary embolism or exudative pericarditis, left ventricular failure with low pressure ventricular filling.
In some patients previously treated with tamsulosin, during surgery for cataracts was noted “flabby intraoperative iris syndrome” (ISDR, kind of narrow pupil syndrome). Some reports have also been received and the application of other blockers of alpha1-adrenergic receptors, so we can not exclude the possible influence of the class of these drugs.
During the surgery (cataract) must inform the surgeon-ophthalmologist on the use of blockers of alpha1 – adrenergic receptors.
When applied in a violation of patients liver caution due to the fact that terazosin metabolism in the liver. Data on the use of the drug terazosin -Teva in patients with severe hepatic impairment are not available.
In the course of treatment does not change the concentration of proviron 25mg.

Effects on ability to drive vehicles and other mechanisms within 12 hours after the first dose, after an increase in dose or interrupt treatment to patients is not recommended to engage in potentially hazardous activities that require increased attention and quickness of psychomotor reactions (including driving vehicles). Further limitations degree should be set depending on the individual patient response.

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As with other alpha1-blockers, terazosin may cause syncope. Syncope may occur within 1-1.5 hours after the initial dose. In a few cases to syncope can dramatically increase the heart rate tobayer provironAfter the first dose of the drug may develop a pronounced reduction in blood pressure, which can lead to orthostatic dizziness, in severe cases – to fainting. The most characteristic of syncopal episodes that occurred during the period of 30-90 minutes after the first dose, as well as a correlation with a rapid increase in dose, or the use of other antihypertensive therapy.
The incidence of side effects is classified according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization: very often – at least 10% ; often – at least 1% but less than 10%; infrequently – at least 0.1% but less than 1%; rare – less than 0.01% but less than 0.1%; very rarely – less than 0.01%, including isolated reports. From the blood and lymphatic system: very rarely – thrombocytopenia.

On the part of the cardiovascular system bayer proviron:  often – fainting (especially when rapid change in body position from the position of “lying” to “standing” or to the “sitting” – postural hypotension), palpitations, tachycardia, chest pain, peripheral edema, very rarely – atrial fibrillation (however, causal relationship with the drug intake has not been established). from the nervous system : often – dizziness, weakness, headache, fatigue, irritability, drowsiness, paresthesia; rarely – depression, syncope. The respiratory system, organs, thoracic and mediastinal disorders: very often – nasal congestion, rhinitis, sinusitis; unknown frequency – shortness of breath. On the part of the digestive system: often – nausea, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting. From the senses: very often – blurred vision, amblyopia; often – reduced visual acuity, impaired color perception; unknown frequency – vertigo. On the part of the musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders: often – back pain; unknown frequency – pain in the limbs. On the part of the reproductive system:often – erectile dysfunction; infrequently – decreased libido; very rarely – priapism; unknown frequency – impotence.

Allergic reactions: often – skin rash, itching; rarely – urticaria, anaphylactoid reaction. From the urinary system: . often – urinary tract infections bayer proviron and incontinence (primarily in postmenopausal women) Other: . infrequently – weight gain more information on adverse reactions reports were received in the clinical trials and application in clinical practice: flu-like symptoms, upper respiratory tract infection, pharyngitis, urinary tract infection, anxiety, insomnia, conjunctivitis, tinnitus, arrhythmia, vasodilation symptoms, bronchitis, cough, abdominal pain, dryness of the oral mucosa, dyspepsia, bloating, chest pain, neck pain, pain in the shoulder, arthralgia, arthritis, myalgia, increased urge to urinate, urinary incontinence (women in menopause), angioedema, current worsening of gout, nasal bleeding, sweating, fever ; small but statistically significant decrease in hematocrit, hemoglobin, white blood cells, hypoproteinemia, hypoalbuminemia, which may indicate hemodilution. Terazosin treatment for 24 months. no significant effect on the concentration of total and free prostate specific antigen (PSA). A clear communication of adverse reactions with the use of terazosin is not established.


Overdose Symptoms: marked reduction of blood pressure, impaired motor coordination, fainting, disturbances of water and electrolyte balance. Treatment: gastric lavage, the use of absorbent, symptomatic therapy. In marked decrease in blood pressure of the patient is necessary to lay on your back, legs lifted, hold correction . No specific antidote. Hemodialysis is ineffective. If necessary, enter vasopressor drugs, conduct correction indicators of water and electrolyte balance, monitor renal function.

Interaction with other medicinal products
According to the results of clinical trials, concomitant use of terazosin and inhibitors or diuretics angiotenzinprevrayuschego enzyme was accompanied by a greater incidence of symptoms of orthostatic hypotension, and other side effects.
With simultaneous use of terazosin with other antihypertensive drugs may increase antihypertensive action. With simultaneous use of thiazide diuretics or other antihypertensive agents may need to reduce the dose or even a cancellation and re-titration of the dose under medical supervision.
The simultaneous use of terazosin with bayer proviron other alpha-blockers is not recommended due to the increased frequency of symptoms of adverse reactions.
In an application with vasodilators and nitrates can be enhanced antihypertensive effect of terazosin.
Suction terazosin reduced while receiving antacids and adsorbents.
The simultaneous use of the drug terazosin -Teva and PDE5 inhibitors (eg, sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil) may be the cause of pronounced reduction in blood pressure.
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (especially indomethacin) and estrogens may reduce the antihypertensive effect of terazosin, due to the suppression of prostaglandin synthesis and / or fluid retention and sodium.
Sympathomimetics may reduce the antihypertensive effect of terazosin (risk of hypotension) and reduce the vasodilating effect in response to dopamine, ephedrine, norepinephrine, metaraminol, methoxamine and phenylephrine.
terazosin reduce the antihypertensive effect of clonidine administered intravenously.

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Is not recommended during pregnancy drug proviron libido. It is not known whether terazosin is excreted in breast milk. If necessary, use of terazosin -Teva during lactation should stop breastfeeding.

With Collec Dosing and Administration Inside. Tablets  taken as a whole, without chewing, with a glass of water, regardless of meals. Patients were informed of the possibility of orthostatic hypotension and the need to take at night before going to sleep in the “sitting” or “lying”, and then stay in bed for 6-8 hours. proviron libido(symptomatic treatment) dose of the drug terazosin -Teva should be selected based on the individual response of the patient to treatment. The initial dose for all patients, which should not be exceeded, is 1 mg (recommended terazosin in other dosage forms: tablets of 1 mg) 1 every day before going to bed, after which the patient It should be 6-8 hours in bed. When> the first dose should be carefully monitored blood pressure, to reduce the risk of orthostatic hypotension. The dose may be increased after 1-2 weeks 1 to 2 mg once a day. At this dose formulation  continue taking for 14 days; then move on to receive one of 5 mg once a day for 7 days. After four weeks from the start of the reception evaluate the effectiveness of the therapy. With insufficient clinical  terazosin dose increased to 10 mg per day. The maximum daily dose is 10 mg. The recommended maintenance dose – 5-10 mg per day. If the use of the drug terazosin -Teva interrupted for a few days or more, resume treatment with the initial dose. Hypertension (in combination therapy) The dose and the intervals between doses doses (12-24 hours) -Teva drug terazosin should be individualized for each patient, according to the reaction of BP reduction. The starting dose for all patients, which should not exceed a dose of 1 mg (recommended terazosin in other dosage forms: tablets of 1 mg) 1 times per day before bedtime. At the end of the time period between doses doses should be measured blood pressure in order to ensure the maintenance of an appropriate level of blood pressure. It may also be useful to measure blood pressure at 2 or 3 hours after administration in order to make sure that the decrease of blood pressure stable. If the effect of the drug proviron libidohours can be greatly reduced or try to increase the dose of drug applied 2 times a day. In the latter case, you should find out whether there are side effects such as dizziness, palpitations or orthostatic hypotension after 2-3 hours after dosing.

The dose is gradually increased by doubling the dose at intervals of not less than 1 week, to achieve the desired level of blood pressure lowering. Usually a maintenance dose of terazosin -Teva drug ranges from 2 to 10 mg per day. The maximum daily dose -. 20 mg / day if required discontinuation of therapy for a few days or more, the resumption of reception should again start with the initial dose (1 mg / day) with a further gradual increase it. Using the drug terazosin -Teva in addition to the already ongoing antihypertensive therapy, the patient should be carefully monitored in case of hypotension. While the use of thiazide diuretics or other antihypertensive agents may require dose reduction  even its cancellation and re-titration of the dose under medical supervision. Patients with impaired renal function dose adjustment is required. In elderly patients dose adjustment is required, but requires regular monitoring of the patient. In patients with impaired liver function should be selected daily dose with extreme caution. There is not enough experience with the drug proviron libidoatients with severe hepatic insufficiency.


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The symptoms caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia , are associated with obstruction of the bladder outflow tract, which occurs as a result of the static obstruction due to an enlarged prostate, and dynamic obstruction, which depends on the smooth muscle tone of the prostate and bladder neck controlled sympathetic nervous system. By blocking smooth muscle alpha1 -adrenoceptors prostate and bladder neck, urinary terazosin helps normalize the patients with buy proviron. symptoms Reduction related , with terazosin application may be associated with a decrease in muscle tone caused by the blockade of alpha1-adrenergic receptors in the smooth muscle of the bladder neck and prostate. It is the expansion of arterioles and venules, reduces the total peripheral vascular resistance and venous return to the heart, resulting in a reduced pre- and afterload on the heart and blood pressure. Antihypertensive action Starting 15 min after oral administration (single dose). Duration of the antihypertensive action – 24 hours. The maximum effect in a single dose is achieved within 2-3 hours Resistant antihypertensive effect is reached after 6-8 weeks of therapy.. Little effect on cardiac output, renal perfusion and glomerular filtration rate. Prolonged use of terazosin does not usually cause the development of reflex tachycardia. Terazosin helps normalize lipid metabolism: decreases the concentration of cholesterol, triglycerides and lipoprotein and very low density in the blood, while increasing the amount of high density lipoproteins. The systematic use of terazosin is marked regression of left ventricular hypertrophy.

After oral terazosin is rapidly and almost completely absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. Food does not affect the absorption. The  buy proviron bioavailability of terazosin is 80-100%. For terazosin is not characteristic of the effect of “first pass”, so almost all of the dose of unchanged terazosin enters the systemic circulation. Maximum serum concentrations achieved within 1-2 hours after ingestion. Communication with plasma proteins is 90-94% and is independent of the concentration of terazosin in the blood plasma. Terazosin metabolized in the liver by hydrolysis, demethylation and dealkylation to form a 5 metabolites, one of which (piperazine derivative terazosin) a pharmacologically active. Approximately 60% of the dose appears through the gut (of which 20% – unchanged, the rest – in the form of metabolites), 40% – by the kidneys (of which 10% – unchanged). It is not known whether terazosin buy proviron is excreted in breast milk. The  is 8 -13 hours. Terazosin clearance is reduced When liver failure. The use of terazosin in patients with impaired renal function requires careful monitoring of the patient’s condition. Limited pharmacokinetic study of low-dose (1 mg) showed no obvious differences terazosin pharmacokinetic parameters compared with patients with normal renal function. Indications

  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia (symptomatic treatment).
  • Hypertension (in combination therapy).

Hypersensitivity to terazosin, quinazolinyl other, and any of the components, other alpha-blockers; hypotension; tendency to orthostatic dysregulation, including a history; severe liver function; simultaneous application of inhibitors of phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5), including sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil; concomitant obstruction of the upper urinary tract; chronic urinary tract infections or bladder stones;decrease in the rate of outflow of urine; anuria; age of 18 years; lactose intolerance, lactase deficiency, glucose-galactose malabsorption, pregnancy and lactation.

Coronary heart disease buy proviron or other heart disease: pulmonary edema with aortic or mitral stenosis, heart failure with an increase in minute ejection, right ventricular failure caused by pulmonary embolism or exudative pericarditis, left ventricular failure with low pressure ventricular filling , cerebrovascular accident, hypertensive retinopathy grade III or IV, type 1 diabetes, liver dysfunction and mild to moderate severity; the simultaneous use of terazosin with thiazide diuretics or other antihypertensive agents; renal impairment, advanced age of 65 years.

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proviron for sale


Combined preparation containing vitamins, minerals, trace elements and extracts of ginkgo biloba and ginseng. The action proviron for sale is due to the properties of its constituent ingredients.

To make up for vitamin and mineral deficiency that develops against the backdrop of:
increased physical and mental stress;
during the recovery period after illness;

By reducing the concentration and memory on the background of increased physical and mental stress.

Contraindications .
Individual hypersensitivity to the drug, proviron for sale age under 18 years, hypertension, irritability, acute cerebrovascular accident, acute myocardial infarction, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer disease, erosive gastritis, sleep disorders, feverish syndrome on the background of acute respiratory diseases, pregnancy, lactation.

Precautions: in severe diseases of the kidneys and liver, acute pancreatitis, in the presence of risk factors for intracranial hemorrhage, diabetes.

Dosage and administration.
Adults, unless indicated differently, one tablet a day during or after a meal in the morning. The course of treatment 1 -2 months. A second course of treatment recommended by the doctor.

Side effects. Allergic reactions (skin itching, rash), dyspepsia, headache, insomnia, tachycardia, increased blood pressure

Interaction with other drugs.
It is not recommended concomitant use with other medicinal products containing vitamins, minerals and herbal ingredients that make up the drug, as well as with drugs, possessing a pronounced tonic effect.

Special instructions.
To prevent insomnia should avoid taking the drug in the second half of the day.
You may see the bright yellow color proviron for sale of urine, which is completely harmless and is caused by the presence of riboflavin in the composition of the drug.

Product form. By 30, 60 bottles of tablets in high density polyethylene with a polypropylene screw cap, sealed plastic film. The neck of the bottle sealed foil liner. Bottle with instruction on the medical use of the drug is placed in a cardboard box. bodybuilding pancakes


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